Love Your Skin

Your Journey Begins…

Our skin is the largest but tend to be the most neglected organ in our body. Like the ozone layer to earth, our skin acts as a shell providing us with the most important layer of protection. While we may not be able to reverse the effect that the ozone layer has suffered, we can definitely reverse the ageing effects of our skin. 

Bloom with confidence as you embark on your time reverse process with us.

Customised Facial Treatment

Facial treatments prescribed based on the condition of your skin. Find out more.

Intensive Facial Treatment

Skin renewal treatments using our latest Hydra Peeling technology – an innovative skin treatment with the aim of erasing visible signs of ageing, brightening the skin tone, adding radiance and attenuating brown spots. Find out more.

Signature Time Reverse Therapy (TRT)

Experience our signature treatment that comes complete with specially formulated protein extract infusion delivered using a unique Airbrush system. Find out more.

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