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Optimizing each and everyone’s skin health and body maintenance through our holistic approach towards understanding our own genetic structure, thereby we will not only delay the process of ageing, we may even reverse the skin and body age through customized treatments that is uniquely you.


Eyelash Extension
Sugaring Hair Removal
LED Teeth Whitening
KYB Genes Testing

Know your genes

Same same, yet different. Sounds familiar? The human genome is mostly the same in all people. But there are variations across the genome. This genetic variation accounts for about 0.001 percent of each person’s DNA and contributes to differences in appearance and health. Hence, the way to optimize the absolute benefits to our chosen form of diets, workouts or supplements, understanding the Unique part about you is the first step.

Introducing KYB by Bloomeriaa – a simple yet detailed approach that studies and identify each individual’s unique genetic traits. Using this analysis, we will be able to craft a customised solutions that is solely based on what works best for your body and skin.

Love your skin

Our skin is our biggest organ; look after them well and you will benefit from the effects greatly inside and out.

Supported by science, tested and proven by the Founder – a combination of our signature skin treatment with this technological breakthrough will pave the way for our regular skincare regime by using a unique spray technique that contains specially formulated protein extract to derive best result for our skin health, thereby reversing the age of time on our face in just one application.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Body Wellness

Cleanse your body internally for better health and well-being. Bloomeriaa’s Body Lymphatic Drainage is a therapeutic treatment from Korea that targets the lymphatic system in the body by clearing the toxins built up and contributes to the improvement of your general health.

Because healthy flowing lymph fluid is key to keeping your immune system working properly; improving the flow and drainage of lymph contributes to the removal of waste products and toxins remained within the body.

Achieve better health, lose inches and obtaining a perfect body shape with our Lymphatic Drainage Therapy that combines with our signature strokes that focuses specifically at targeted lymphatic points for best results.

LED Teeth Whitening

Experience our industrial grade Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Teeth Whitening technology from Japan and achieve up to 8 shades whiter on first session.

What actually causes discolouration on our teeth? For most of us, ageing is one of the main reason. Apart from that, our tooth are often easily stained by lifestyle factors such as – coffee / tea, sweetened beverages, wine, food and smoking. These are some of the reasons for the unwanted discolouration you noticed on your teeth over time. Hence, the LED teeth whitening is your perfect solution for a quick, safe & effective whitening treatment.

Upside of this solution – Treatment is 100% pain free with no drilling or bad tasting bleach solutions. 

Eyelash Extension

Put your best lash forward with our Japanese Eyelash Isolation Technique.

Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance your look without dimming the sparkles in your eyes.

Bloomeriaa uses the latest state of art technique from Japan that separates your natural lashes individually, allowing the finest hair to breathe and at the same time, leaving your natural lashes feeling extremely comfortable and beautiful.

Each natural lash is carefully separated from the other lashes before placing the extensions on it. We leave a 1mm gap that will help to promote healthy lash growth and ensuring comfort on your eyes at the same time.

Assurances for you: We take great pride in our work, ensuring that you are well taken care of during your time spent with us. And we use only high quality, surgical grade adhesives and quality products on our clients.

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